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The Office of Intercultural and Educational Experiences (OIEE) began offering short-term inbound programs in the Fall Semester of 1991. Since then, it has worked with numerous clients around the globe to deliver strong, outcome-focused programs. Program offerings include a wide array of academic and professional development topics, such as leadership, marketing, STEM, and language immersion. Furthermore, each experience is custom-designed and infused with experiential learning, cultural, social and recreational events, as well as opportunities for engagement with the Charlotte and University communities.

The Office of Intercultural and Educational Experiences at UNC Charlotte strives to promote intercultural awareness, education, and professional training by designing and implementing custom programs. Through collaboration with institutional, regional, and international partners, OIEE identifies scholars, industry experts, and community resources to create short-term learning experiences.

Create highly desirable learning experiences that prepare individuals to be successful in an increasingly global society.

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