Program Development

The Office of Intercultural and Educational Experiences works with partners to create custom short-term programs. Each program includes customized and innovative curriculum that is strongly grounded in subject discipline and best practice. Through instruction from content experts, we structure our programs to:

  1. Achieve measurable and sustainable outcomes

  2. Incorporate experiential and service learning

  3. Create avenues for sustianed partnership and development

  4. Foster an environment where knowledge and perspective is shared openly and respectfully.

The steps outlined below provide an overview of the processes we employ to develop customized programs. We welcome you to submit your ideas for review so we can help you achieve the goals you wish to pursue.

Step 1

Complete webform survey with basic information about program needs. We will review your interest and contact you with information to build your program

Step 2: Initial Proposal

After reviewing your application, we will begin the process of developing your program. Proposal components will include: program overview, academic content and curriculum, sample program calendar, accomodation, and pricing.

We welcome your feedback during this process.

Step 4: Program Contact

OIEE will provide an agreement that includes all program deadlines and deliverables. During this final step, we will work closely with you to make any modifications as desired.